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of the same character as those in the adult, but with the addition

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fluid may be, we do not know ; but it is certain that it is not uric

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The floors are of earth and require constant repair. A

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later ; and a third, when she was more than thirty-sii years of age.

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Physical examination indicated the following condition : The

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interrupting the motor path to it at some point on the cerebral side of

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ure of the thigh-bone ; the neck ; the s'laft ; the lower end. Fracture of

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an uncontrollable diarrhoea with an increased tympanitis. I feel

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The vesicle itself also bursts open as does the membrane of the

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producers, inasmuch as a necessary part of the economy of

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scopic Anatomy, in regard to ossification, shows that the formation

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cases, the mother and child both continue well nourished and healthy."

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fatigue of the patient. This was a matter for regret

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apex beat of the heart, however, were obtained from time to time,

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reason to think that sexual excesses, particularly in the form of mastur-

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at present is to call your attention to the fact that when during

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Pericarditis often accompanies, or is the sequel of, pleurisy and

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mation of our wishes and plans ; but, if otherwise, we shall not spend our

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Lejar recommends, as the simplest in emergency practice, the

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Next to that of splints is the question of the treat-

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follow his business for a long time. As he sat on a chair before

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well ; still, most of my patients had already become ansemic and

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and youths, stripped and anointed with oil, took a bull

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neuropathology ; Dr. Jay Dashiell W'hitham, instruc-

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water. This solution is also very efiicient in leucorrhoea. If at

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we consider the best black variety, was very prolific. We

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of the limbs and fingers gradually returning. After the

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Quinic ether, says M. Eissen, fills all the necessary conditions of a

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