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semi-monthly, then every three months, until, after over nine months
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any other condition to account for- the distress which
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Mr. Wheeler pointed out that statistics demonstrated a
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be adapted to each particular case, and the instrument is improved
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Except in the way of general directions, not much can be said
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During its short history it has been a useful instrument in furthering the in-
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groups. It may involve one of the special senses, and occur
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with which the hermit-crab closes the mouth of its borrowed shell. But we cannot siiow
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pointed out and well recognized, as soon as the fever sets
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Dr. L. J. Brooks presented a memorial sketch of the late Dr. Geo. W.
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tubes and needle of the apparatus with one adapted to induoe healhy action. — See Dieulafoy on
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In purely localised cases we can produce and increase i)y
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Observations. — It will be observed in the analyses here
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have recourse to starch enemata, combining with them opium
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___ iTi!>. In W«bnrD, Mmi, Jin. T, bT Rbt. J. B. Ken-
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tion from implantation. He said that the procedure adopted
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was supposed at tirst to be pulmonary until the symptoms became
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ing with various grades of symptoms even proving fatal
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sick in mind and sick in body, having regained color in her
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were inconsistent with the theory of rigid tubes. He had also known under
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condition then improved and in a few days was normal. His
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as if it would continue indefinitely. At times a patient may have a moderate
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ones were free to roam at large through the city." At the same
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length and a number of important resolutions were passed as to action
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the ranks of those who hold that the strumous element has
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few heated arguments which we indulged in at that time, has since
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the tumor. The upper portion of the small intestine was placed in
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of us have seen cases in which the course of the disease, when
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fact that the condition is due to a definite drug, for, as we
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dry, and less crepitant than upper. Muco-pus comes from bronchi
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the range of variation was ten and eight pounds re-
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a practice of twenty-five years. In the latter part of
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legs subsides, not to reappear again ; but the urine remains albu-