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Dr. MacCallum as interstitial bronchopneumonia, and those showing

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66 of 70 cases and Pearce in 110 of 121. The studies of Gamele'ia, Welch,

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Drumsheugh.4 The goods and clothes of infected people in the Muir

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cooked, — roasted or baked. In summer the various

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Imself beyond the pale of an ho lorable profession and of true laborera

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To the water add the flour, mixed into a paste with three tablespoonfuls

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usually scanty, high-colored urine, which becomes cloudy

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through that avenue. About six months ago I was called to see a case

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RESINOUS OLEOIDS — The native solutions of the resinoid principle, naturally dissolved in the ether-

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dl); and glucose, 5.9 mmol per liter (107 mg per dl). The

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attention. An example of such a hospitium in Scotland is still to be

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described further on. It is sometimes so rapid that it becomes impossible

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description of horse from those who deal specially in

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Sec. 5. The Nominating Committee shall be dischai'ged when all the

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confusion of mind by passing away to some alien subject ;

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pervision of Mr. Johnston, has been very successful in

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of the lymphocytes, but not always. The cases of tabes and spinal lues

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intervals, depending upon the urgency of the case. Pas-

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is being pursued, if, after a few doses, the pulse becomes less fre-

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exhaust, by percolation, the bark, precisely as in the process for making

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well, I left the table, and was going into the consultation-room,

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most decided type of endemic disease is ague. Epidemics are

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and in further support of this solution of the first question, he men-

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