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deaminizing ability of the intestine vanished into thin air. '

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strict regard to their diet, and eat such food as possesses the least amount

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the hemoglobin values from 10-120. The pipette is composed of

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France, Holland, Northern Italy, and of late England especially.

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in elucidation of the text. The diseases and injuries of the eye

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gum benzoin, 1 drachm, spirits of wine, a wincglassful,

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the motor nerves or nerve-roots. This is easily ex-

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regulations as are dictated by common sense ? Is our city

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destruction of all diseased stocks, will finally have to be adopted in

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also that the tremors would have been more especially observable on the

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of the former is increased to the left. The heart's apex beat is situated

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by inflamed organs. It is necessary to remember, however, that

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as to tide over temporarily the immediate danger from loss

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etc., and a pleasant people. Find a good man if possible, and

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bi-andy and sugar. This may be taken every half hour

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The symptoms commence abruptly with rigors, frontal headache,

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geance of the scientific slayers, nor to have appeas-

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not sterile. After the hands are well dried and powdered the gloves

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tiful at Fifty as at Fifteen — Your Thoughts Govern — Decay Not Inevitable — "The

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has been dried and moistened again, or one that has begun to putrefy,

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nishes successful results very often at from 4 to 6 years in girls, and

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Malaga in that particular. However, while specially favored in

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of carbolic acid, or a 1 to 1,000 solution of bichloride

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as it constitutes a written record for reference in the event of

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professorships, and Alison was succeeded in this Chair, in 1822, by Dr. Robert

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unless other complications are present. Pericarditis is sometimes seen but

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Duty" Workers and the "Pupil" Nurses of the School. It has been forcibly brought