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pressure is gradually increased the circulation has time to adapt itself

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reich's disease, or has he multiple sclerosis? Perhaps,

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operation is usually in an abnormal, nervous condition. To my mind,

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region. As intracerebral pressure seemed especially well marked, the

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the utility of either antitetanus or antityphoid inoculation.

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positive trace of albumin was present; no casts at any time. The animal gained

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admire in us — the overflowing, the clinging affections of a warm heart — the

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needful where the active stages of life, both professional

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Under "The Annus Medicus 1901" the Lancet has the follow-

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[The expression, "patient of another practitioner," is understood to mean a

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treating gynaecological disorders, but it was in the main a gouty spa.

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of the womb to the testicles, and are accounted the proper

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in his reference to the cases in which the disease had been associated

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lectual labours— books; and we therefore trust that the distin-

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of clothing on bis person ; let him stand b^re, ana facing

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years he was associated with Dr. P. C. Peterson in Mora.

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Forces at the earliest possible time. It is up to the division

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development, that may be present in the abdominal cavity, and

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fellow buys a horse he is obliged to keep him. A horse a horse

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daily practice as you update your knowledge of the key pedia-

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treated by friction, electricity, elastic compression,

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of the time of all Victorian Order nurses is devoted to Child Wel-

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the importance of the role played by microbes in the

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a day. Very close questioning of the latter elicited the fact

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In 1895 the potatoes were cut two eyes to the piece and

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supervene, but it was nevertheless deemed more con-

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parous fish, for half a century at least, and they have a right to ask what

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** In past ages and in the present time, a popular idea has pre-

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and perforating wounds of joints healing like subcutaneous wounds, with-

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(1) the dilator muscle of the pupils, especially after the nerve supply has

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substance, and especially at the extremities of the gland; while in

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2. A solution of liver of sulphur, or sulphuret of potas-