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contents. Bryce, Heim, Vetter, Thomas, Czarkert, Fleishman, Buch-

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life must always be of priceless value to the bereaved widow

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that if the question was not in the list, and was not asked, he

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This variety has been termed scarlatina sine eruptione (Fig. 36). There is

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some advise letting the patient sit up, if the attack be mild. This is a matter

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properly made, to be certain of this requires additional effort and we should

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would also produce the same condition. Again, if the clinical histories of

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of the vital forces (for this is what it amounts to) may enable

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Of 396 with herpes, 43 or 10.86 per cent, died; of 239 without herpes, 70

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Vesicants are also valuable in pharyngitis and laryngitis

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would be the first to feel the influence of venous stasis, and

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leathery; but almost always in this sputum may be found

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plexy, rheimiatism, heart disease, etc., unless, in addition, his

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entrance of mosquitoes. This will afi'ord the maximum degree of protection,

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ual use of the term articular rheumatism has greatly delayed this acceptance

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disease and kept about, the prognosis should always be very guardedly

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tion for varying periods, when suddenly and without any

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Phlegmon, 4; 2 fatal. None of the pyogenic cases were due to the operation

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pendent upon the albumin found in the urine, the only way to

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eruption. There may be extreme headache with photophobia suggesting

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increases gradually, reaching the maximum at the end of the epidemic (in

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means. If he is moderateh* insured why should he desire to

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by such air currents as occur in ordinary houses (1 to 4 mm. per second):

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spinal cord, although in the majority of cases this is not as marked as one

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currence. Probably most surgeons who perform ovariotomy

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nected with the condition of the larynx. There were 4 other cases in which

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pressure. The infiltrated intestine can be plainly felt through the abdom-

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It is believed that the same laws govern agglutination of bacteria as govern

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prognosis of intermittent albuminuria is good base their

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be all correct or all incorrect. The most logical conclusion is that the

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marginal capsule. Encapsulated pneumococci are seen with difficulty.

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regarded more as an evidence of the degree of toxsemia than of any local

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resolution is very liable to give rise to adhesions. Adhesions are frequently

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(United States Census Report), the death-rate per 100,000 inhabitants was as