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or (more probably) that they may fail to resorb sugar as actively as
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black rags passed across the middle of the bodies ; but the greater part of the
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pathogenic organisms, he should raise it to 212° F. for.
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between Joseph Priestly and James Watt during their
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A woman fifty-six years of age was seen in January,
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favored by injections and the brain symptoms kept in
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ment so manned can have an enormous influence in moulding the future
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times made her sleepless. She had been doctored for five
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commonly shows itself first in this area and simulates
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specially the result of alcoholism, sulphurous acid, and various poisons,
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"WuNDT and Schelske. (Schmidt's Jahrbiicher, CVIL, No. 7, 1860.)
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labour, but usually during an expulsive effort, when the swelling
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and Basch have all shown that asphyxia induces movements of the intestines ;
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almost impossible to avoid when other instruments are used.
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spring cannot be obtained. If the fault exists in the husband, he
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it IS that these lesions if left alone do not readily heal. If an abscess be
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appears entirely for the time being, and many of these patients
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Louis B. Bishop, M.D., Assistant in the Medical Clinic
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ooear in patients who can give no history of secondary symptcwns.
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efficacy and its convenience, and may be safely relied upon in the first
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cerebellum in higher Amphibia and Reptilia seems to be devel-
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becomes cooled by acting on the moist pulpy substance, which is
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the twenty-sixth. The eruption of the vesicles may be preceded by a chill
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great danger of permanent injury to the kidney, if the
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coating to the mucous membrane. Muxes, [however, which may
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Frequent and abundant in thickets along streams in the moun-
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phate of lime in mixture. But, as Dr. Paris observes, "it will
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der to prevent slipping and withdrawal of the penis into the