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result followed intravenous injection of pilocarpin in a case of eclampsia.
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benzocaine spray drug information
still in an embryonal state, who have still developed perfectly
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rugs, stable utensils, litter, etc. Anything that has come in contact
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So industrious and skilful an observer as Longet "*
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large doses. Certain horses seem to furnish serum that gives rise to a large
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habits, of which they can but seldom divest themselves.
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or makifag use of the medicine, and trespassing on my
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and xanthoxylum. The tingling sensation persists for some
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175. Fracture through the Petrous Bone into the Eustachian Tube ,* Commencing
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fit for the preservation of specimens and will remain
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3 Entyclo}). Brit., articles on Stammering and Voice, by Prof. M'Kendrick.
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discoloration,*' a perspicuous, precise and differential definition
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Beitr. z. path. Anat. u. z. allg. Path.. 19, (after Feldmann, Ueber Wachstums-
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one death is reported among 361 cases of pleuritis and pneumonia, that a gre^t majority
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seen large flat cakes of beautifully crystallized diabetic sugar.
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the force of magnetism temporarily developed in the bars of soft iron.
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strongly in favor of true diabetes, because young diabetics ordinarily
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looking for outside monies to support facets of their
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*No. 9. — Presence of tetanus in commercial gelatin. By John F. Anderson.
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injections of a weak sublimate solution (1 to 5000). The patient,
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attacks the cerebral cortex, which is tlie scat of the manifestation
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nature, and will be treated of when they are considered under
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but commend the sagacity which secures his services, and
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Dr. A. D. Price was inclined to think very favorably of
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jerks. These facts are very hard to explain, and they support in a measure
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This idea is not novel— it is as old as Bacon. "In