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take care of the injured one, by simply bandaging the limbs
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lumbar wound, but the spleen occupied the lumbar region beforehand,
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the attack lasts for a shorter time than usual, and recurrences
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a few places. Length 9i cms., breadth 4i cms. (Sf by If inches) ; surface marbled,
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phthisis, in the individual, the want of exercise, the posture
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His abounding energy found further outlet in medical politics, and
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Professor of Practice of Medicine, McGill University ; Physician to the Montreal
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vulsions nor do all having convulsions have albuminous urine.
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him to point to the spot touched. The latter method, however, implies
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the use of an abdomhial belt, the practice of exercises
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nately obstructed — Enteritis Arachnitis — Coma — Death.
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Boardman, W. E. The treatment of fissured nipple, 379.
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Nothing is rarer than to meet with consumption among workmen
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of the right cavities and also of the left auricle. Left
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of hip-joint disease at the institution. Of these, 168
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care must be taken not to open into the sinus during the dissection.
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reflectors, the reflecting surfaces of which do not depreciate. Are