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enteritis or enterocolitis, does not preclude the fact that most cases are a pri-

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We carinot hold ourselves responsible for copies of Clinical Medicine sent to former addresses, unless we

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glands felt. Her appetite is good ; she eats largely. She seems

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of most institutions of learning. The University is located

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talking normally without moving his right arm. He returned to

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Complementary Medicine Program is an interdisciplinary program within the University of

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the vesicle ^enlarges. The vesicle is multilocular and umbili-

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difference to the patient the mere method of administration may make.

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it is only necessary to say that the cerebellum has always been

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countenance, with a weak, thready pulse. It was evident from

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fects that are produced by these two fevers may be oh*

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enjoyed immunity from calculous disease. It was said, for

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her system which is inseparable from the proper rearing

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its sanctity.' Dr. Frost, he added, should have a fair

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cal relief of the poor, diseases of domestic animals, water supply, and the

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Several cases which he had had under his care recently illustrated this

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vived. The pain still continues and as a result of the operation

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them to improve the diastatic action of their preparations, in which, originally, they

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very considerably greater than when the diet contains no such food

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was traced to the consumption of either uncooked or improperly

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is induced, which cause closure in the channel of the teat.

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proceed from chronic inflammation of contiguous structures

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problem, but it is at bottom just the problem of every child. There are

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Professor of Nervous Diseases, New York Polyclinic.

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little can, so far as we at present know, he done to cure the disease ;

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the usual symptoms of flatulence, constipation, and perhaps the

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societies should welcome into active membership every graduate of

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sation is concerned are removed, but the system continues to be improper-

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27oW) the lower angle of the scapula is perpetually rolling over the upper bord^

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as always of the worst possible augury. The general state of the

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pressure. At the present time the glands of the neck, groin, and axilla

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patrolman about one-fourth of an inch, while the aver-

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slowly to rise to higher and higher attainments in obedience to

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ulcers on the legs, and cicatrices corresponding to others which had