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tical neglect. However, this has all served to interest and edu-
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should be flushed with an efficient antiseptic solution. The result is to
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The subject of epilepsy, apparently, is not one that interests
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If the existence of the disease is established, the local authority is
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infants, in all forms of stenosis of both nasal jiassages, from
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did he afterwards complain any longer 1 . It is ob-
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end to the comedy by suddenly rising from his seat and
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used. The cicatrization seemed then to progress ; but a fistula
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Dr. Brainard explained at some length the object of the resolution of
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becomes morose, and shows delirium; perhaps rears both fore-
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when protruded, deviated to the right. The diagnosis
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negro should be released from bondage. Primus was free, but
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ment, — as also applies in Gonorrhoeal infections in women and
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perforations of gut and mesentery along the 6 feet exposed. The
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circumstance to which the disease owes its names "vomito negro"
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could not have been of a malignant nature. It may seem unlikely
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drank quantities of water, but could not be persuaded to eat. There had
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indebted to its author; tor it is undoubtedly unhappily
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little is known about it, and it has never been obtained in
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Mayer, Joseph C. Adjunct Assistant Professor of Psychiatry.
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pacity of the rulers were not long in replunging the
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majors, one hundred and twenty-five assistant surgeons, with the
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found to be an alveolar sarcoma, consisting of somewhat large
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oT i~^ _j ^ fvT ""^ CO « ci" 1--^ oT , ■"" . T-T
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cannot begin at the beginning and trace the course of the disease to
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exhausted, she sank tremulously fearful into the arms of
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smooth ; it should then be well forward with the edges on the left side ; re-
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^ Cellule, Lierre and Lou vain, tome xiii. fasc. 2, p. 315 et scq.
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body having the formula CH 3 COCH 2 COOH, acetoacetic acid, which, on
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soul, and that the anatomy of his body ought to be a
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not to speak to any one whom they may happen to meet.''
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method and manner of making them, and for what causes should
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as gastro-enterostomy, inguinal and femoral hernia, and the surgical
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by a roller or blanket fastening than one with plenty of
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of the cell we shall point out later in tumor cells.
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diseases and conditions which are either known, or are supposed, to
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Necrotic areas similar to those called " buttons " may occur in various
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fractures, I found the skin over the region of the point of the hip
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and the navel, usually about midway. Throu^ Ais orifice a pellet
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Draw the external ear upward and backward, and the tragus for-