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but have never been satisfied of its existence, though the cases
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Fig. 13. Section from the lungs of No. 6. The more or less deformed bronch
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cerebral lues, resembling the early stages of general paresis, sometimes
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every winter. The course of instruction in these institutions is thorough,
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and dietetic treatment have failed, but the latter should always
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best to grow^ upon the land so fertilized, only such vegetables as are sub-
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lint was placed in the wound, poultice applied, and a grain and
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that the patient had suffered from retention of urine,
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symptoms, sinapisms or stimulating liniments are useful. These symptoms
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successfully an elementary process of reasoning ; neither is he in a con-
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latter implies subsidence of activity on the part of the
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it was probably from the aorta that the blood escaped ; 3, That it did
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classification of Hayem and Winter). Hypopepsia and
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pation. When the author saw him the bowels moved four
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It has long been known that the eye is far from being optically perfect.
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ing the features of the face through the medium of the great
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The patient fancied that lier slioulders were jjaralyzed, and wanted to have
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thickness, but there will remain the deeper pigmen-
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half is quite remarkably so ; its left half is tolerably well filled, as are
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months of December and January no less than twelve of such deaths,
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navicularis, and comes away in gushes at uncertain periods, par-
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"that is about personal matters ... I knew him well ..."
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dyles of the femur. In such a joint as this you find a