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world beside, because of the pain your coming cost her, and because

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Enough, as regards ourselves. As regards the breth-

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When cysts have become consolidated they may be removed

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off so lightly. An Artillery ofScer* who went through the

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of Hygiene and Bacteriology, University of Pennsylvania.

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ganate, I in 4,000, may be employed, but it is seldom

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Gavin LA, Stess RM, Goldstone J: Prevention and treatment of foot problems in diabetes mellitus— A comprehensive program. West J Med 1993 Jan; 158 AY-

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that nothing but emptying the uterus would relieve. I must insist

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that a false estimate of the normal size of the urethra

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in size from a pea to a pigeon's egg, is of a polished brown hue, is

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emits no sound, although he may move his lips as if still speak-

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Abdominal Section for Disease oe Female Organs. — Bazterrica

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blood-supply, and secondly in the protecting action of the basement mem-

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were of no consequence ; although he never went to stool without

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triple infections, in which there was a paroxysm every day. There was

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iron. Often in the horse a table-spoonful of starch, night and morning,

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their infants about to be bom. I express no opinion about the first

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On examination I found some contusion of lids, con-

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etc., to enter the tonsil by the spaces in the epithelium, and

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the qualification that any inflammatory process occurring in the lung in the

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some diet, outdoor exercise, gymnastics ; (b) local treatment

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see & Virginia Road. It is doubtless from veins of the

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ing process which will be considered in the order of their

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general conjunctivitis, also there was a slowly ripening double cataract. As


Treatment is the same as for that of shoulder lameness. A

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47. Kahn: Arch. f. d. ges. Physiol. (Pfluger's), 1912, 144, 251 and 396.

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ing along a stream which is flowing in the same direction with a cer-

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The Edinburgh School made some amends to Bell and to its own reputation by

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The left ventricle has scarcely any anatomical or structural dif-

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tions, established the fact that a firm pelvic floor is the most important and

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23. Strauss: Die Chronischc Nierenuiindungen in ihrcr Einwirkung auf die

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stifle all love for girls in humble life, however amiable in disposition and

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to resist disease, thus greatly increasing not only the liability

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During the past twelve years I have seen at least one thousand cases of pneu-

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tation, 6 ; puerperal state, 4. No cases in either due to

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an exudate, tumefaction, adhesion, and consequent organization of the

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see cases of phlebitis of the legs now and stilll more rarely have an

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— as debility, and a low standard of general health. In-

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which have been taken for the burial of the killed or dead animals.