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Ashbel Woodward, M. D. and Pinckney W. Ellsworth, M. D. were

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memory by means of which he readily recalls the miscellaneous

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ment of pulmonary tuberculosis. I would rank active exercise

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adrenal origin, the metastasis to the liver and the

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honor of an election as CoiTespondeut of the French

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but she showed a well-marked tuberculous lesion in her tail at

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somewhere underneath the skin. When you find it, aU

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parative degree of sickness in this class will be shown in a distinct table.

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the schedule shows that 37 per cent were primarily absent over-leave,

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would not enter into the business of producing a medical review

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tery, etc., are taken charge of in the anthropological

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be added the cornea, the two lenses — aqueous and crystalline — the

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of Lent, and to restraine the accesse of others from infected

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toms of rapture of compensation are associated with an exceedingly

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p. 191. In those papers Mr. Callonder narrated cases in which convulsions

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Next to moderate exercise, she must avoi3 all manner of

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of the cervix should be excised and sent to a competent pathologist for

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which indicated starvation. It is, however, well to bear in

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Dr. Wood remarked as a peculiarity of this symptom, that pa-

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a series of years, from various infectious diseases,

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years of careful research and experiment, and calculated to be of

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tificates of the election of Fellows, as follows, viz.

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one such case apparently communicated the disease to another person

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manner that was thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated. The

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At the same time I am quite sure that in all matured

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ment last year, and found his mind to be greatly im-

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finger, but devices of a still more mischie\ous character

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the inexperienced ; in all cases etherial alcohol (4 parts alcohol 1 part

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