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represented, for the most part, of their natural dimensions. The four first
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dealt only with the perineal method of prostatectomy,
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neuralgic and anti-rheuraatic, having beneficial effects
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manual assistance. (2.) Oases of haemorrhage in the early months of pregnancy, which
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or by gene conversion— all mechanisms that generate
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and pain had entirely subsided. The next morning the dog was as well
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likewise the immobility to which the patient must submit. To be
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When the nucleus has more than one excess charge the accelerating
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seldom receive more than one or two grains a day, in repeated doses of a
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ITiey occurred most often in the cranial nerves because these nerves
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lecturer in this branch at the College of Physicians
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where the human value must be taken into account ; always, every-
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is kept neutral or nearly so by the administration of alkaline
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with the anthropometric investigations of the Children's Bureau and
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any one day, 209. Outdoor consultations numbered 4,318, an increase
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carcinoma that has been antiseptically treated, a drop
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volition. In all these cases, therefore, we have to do with what may be
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of cure which are as valueless as the rags upon which they
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the end of the second week it has become converted into a
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cheiro-kinaesthetic centres, and perhaps not less to the proximity of the
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Second Beport on Lunacy Administration (Irekmcl), made hy Sir
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teen they happened as frequently as every alternate night, and before
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ing process which will be considered in the order of their
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uraemia, or wherever the action of the skin is to be increased.
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will take time to look up that first letter he can easily
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chronic inversion as irreducible from the very nature of the case, and
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that produced by lesions of the cortical motor area or of the cortico-spinal
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end of a month. Five months have intervened, and no symptom of constitu-
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wa8 doubtful if (hey would reach their intcndccl dt!,-
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evidence of a localized bacterial infection or of constitutional distur-
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A. — No, only in the West, on account of the country
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excrement must be removed from the camp every day ;
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with that of ten years ago. Then the placards, signs, and show bills of