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upon him by his Sovereign. Throughout the case, the ablest
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Dr. George M. Coates asked Dr. Eagleton his procedure in sterile men-
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room in which Harris had died. The hall was ten feet wide.
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thus " getting up a perspiration,' 7 but the atmosphere of the room should
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experience has forced upon me the conviction, that there are few
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ner secretory glands seem to support this assumption.
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true cord, the ventricular band, and the epiglottis, are the parts more
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^ In the table chylorrhrea has been considered as lasting for forty days ; later
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Medical College, Philadelphia, in 1836. For a time he was associated
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than the present crisis, and for an honest endeavour to establish
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she complained of the state of the urine, which still continued
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water, it will tend to harden them, and prevent the soreness. Use a
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meeting of the Society will lie held at the Medical Library, 19
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Pulmonary tuberculosis of children, w-hich invariably implicates
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for the displaced liquid, the injection of even a few drops would
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three weeks before, followed by pain in the left hip
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an unhealthy or dirty condition of the cow, or the stall, or of the milker's
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house at Washington. The following is a recipe for it, a«
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able physiologist of his generation, but he adopted
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The difference between the specific organism of these two diseases
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Paste, Almond. — 1. Blanch bitter almonds with hot water,
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issued by Colonel W. G. King, CLE., I. M.S., the energetic Sanitary
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effect, fortunately transient; possibly the differential stetho-
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with, at best, but a very questionablcf chance of success.
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practical results, as it cannot be denied that processes of immu-
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orders in the junction. I am convinced that this may
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the right scapula, but no physical signs were discover-
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heal spontaneously, but not as a rule; they grow worse, but the horse