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suffered considerable pain and rapidly became cachectic. He fell off •
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of the blood which are modified or altered in the circulation; but it
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heart ; therefore' it were superfluous for those creatures to
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the patient ; the pathologist has only his ability to
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the abdomen, applied to the surface, and the rest of the
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occupation a currier, was seen by me at the Massachusetts
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an operation, j)ronded tliere is a firm covering of
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Hartford County Medical Society, which was referred to a committee
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ordinate thirst, dryness of the mouth, frequent passing
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pelvic cellulitis, a disease that may remain comparatively quiescent
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The view that amenorrhoea may be due to suppression or diminution of in-
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that digitalis owes its reputation as a wonder worker.
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week, each time in a different place. There was much less pain
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alone, and also mingled with other curative agents, under a
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vitalizing. Dry earth is good for ulcers ; and it is refreshing to tired,
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the fpirit of wine, can be borne by young children,
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yet come under my notice. It is so because its accomplished authoress has
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marked differential effect upon its various constituents. Taking
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diminish the urinary constituents just mentioned."* Dr. Ham-
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Mix the salt in the flour, beat the eggs, add to it milk and
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lesions of the hand or finger, and all were going well up to the
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which infect wounds was regarded as the air; and by the use of carbolic
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** In past ages and in the present time, a popular idea has pre-
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most striking things in the histological study of the smallpox process is the
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lent, that, in many cases, she unhorsed her rider ; and
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gether the work must be productive of great good. d. t. s.