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yearly are treated at this institution. The cases are of great variety,

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skin, too, should receive careful attention. Eegular baths, shower baths, and

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a complete paralysis is left in one extremity, or at least in a portion of it;

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founding of the words or letters, but the innervation of the tongue has be-

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specially bearing on the subjects of examination, the teachers in both

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like the washing of the mysophobic or the clearing of the throat and spitting

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frequent occurrence of optic neuritis (vide infra) is of great diagnostic

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arthrozoa, and vertebrata; proportionate development of the spinal

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known for many years a number of mild cases of tabes in whom it is scarcely

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tions. The anterior association centers, embracing the anterior portions of

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rected in scurvy. The physician must strive to support his patient's strength

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usually not a result of the diabetes, but a coexistent phenomenon. The cardiac

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long, painless intervals between the separate attacks, and sometimes the at-

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cles, the optic thalamus, caudate and lenticular nuclei, and also the adjacent

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of the cord have been mentioned above. Similar types of disease may be

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sar} r for a complicated movement we call the coordination of motion. We

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•oonmeBoemeiit of the fiisfc and seoond years of studentship, admits to the fonr

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sten^. These ch«t^ geiMirate Internal NNit wMch has^f» r1p«i1(^ «^ ultlmte

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lectures are to be given at least twice a week during the prescribed

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extremities — e. g., squeezing the left hand of the observer firmly, which is

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cortex, by sudden embolism of a good-sized artery is of itself enough to account

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frequently the entire conscious state of the hysterical patient is by no means

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curriculum at a medical school not attached to a Uniyersity are there-

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U»ffn fVn - FIC n-136, MtlV itnd Public Health (10 nin)

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An effective sanitary control program against' the spread of mi^k-bome disease Is

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cending degeneration, the theory first advanced by the French observers

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significance. Disturbances of the sympathetic or ciliospinal center in the