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of the Medical Department in the Zone of the Interior
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of the clianicter of the cases (as far as defined in the classification) and of their
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It is usually confined to the palms and soles and occurs in circumscribed
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Policy and Support, at 831-2577 if you have questions regarding the participation program or other recent Medicare
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or of poliomyelitis. ' Dr. Reece rang him up a few days ago concerning a case
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5. Laboratory Diagnosis. — A laboratory course in the chemical microscopic, and
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Paralysis. Infantile Spinal. See Spinal Cord; Polio-
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cases whose original surgery was ego-threatening but whose metastasis
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pharyngitis, ophthalmia, and cutaneous eruptions by severe regimen,
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deaths 62,768" ! ! ! This fact applies to all the provinces, and shows that
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and posterior spinal arteries — branches of the vertebral arteries. The
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comes first faintly and then strongly eosinophilic. In
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that of any other which I have used. Examples are shown in Fig.