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the teeth have a viscid coating; ... a disea.'^ in which sleep has a
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of a National Department of Public Health. The average poli-
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The feeble force of the auricle in health was shown
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order to facilitate early specific treatment in the interests of the patient, which
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heredity, 2, gouty habit, and, 3, senility; and, prob-
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In some of the earlier specimens examined vacuolated cells were
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fourth year, students may elect to take the basic radiology course (RADI 540). The curriculum is
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animals. Still, I contend that the " well-bred " animal can resist
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then this supposition has been confirmed, not only by calorimetrical
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The Superintendent of the Retreat for the Insane has
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" Forgive me, gentlemen, if I talk a little extravagantly on these matters.
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to attend her at all." I was very much astonished at
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Conn., for printing by R. P. Lyman, Secretary 39i Zl
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able size; they remained much smaller than when more slowly developed at a
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Entstehung der Tuberkulose und ihre Verbreitung im Kcirper. Virchow's
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ence to the diseases of the horse and their treatment, as well as a
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in destroying rats, mice, and insects, as these were discovered alive when
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Patients admitted, 294; patients discharged, 2T4; patients died, 22;
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the use of radioactive drugs in medicine, presented
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pain which attends many every-day operations we are called upon to treat
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As yet indeed tbe cases have been very few, and it would be rash to attempt
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1485. Civilian employes at military posts, including employes of
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of rupture of an aneurism into the pulmonary artery. Its development