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It is the business of a Social Service Congress to invent new ideas
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One day he came in to see her after having his hair cut,
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in which they are generally eaten. A national sauce, called sania, is
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The answer to question (a) depends upon the age at which treatment is
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as gastro-enterostomy, inguinal and femoral hernia, and the surgical
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bronchitis with emphysema, asthma, chronic interstitial pneumonia, and
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not indicate that the method is of practical appHcation. In the
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the li(jiii(l wa.sttvs of ail boui'es of tlu; main city." The
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well as a medical student and as a future physician. Personal integrity, emotional maturity and
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treatment likely to be of service. This was done, and the raw surfaces
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of high tension to be characteristic of Bright's dis-
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to be performed ; and that in order to facilitate the operation, and at the same
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all the more incumbent doth it seem. To make their earthly life
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$5,020 for that of the Convalescent Home. From tin;
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other places, forty-two additions being made to the membership.
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He continued, however, to study medicine, and graduated in 1864.
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be regarded as forming a summary of the views which have been worked
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or (3). One drop of 1 per cent, solution was also without effect, but two
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the sick, because of the extraordinary success I have
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much reduced in weight, Mrs. B. was able to nurse her child,
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the thickening and reddening still further increased as the process was
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These two cases present many features in common, but
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large section of each rising generation, not merely of the
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tribution to the history of laryngeal phthisis, by Dr. William
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fession through this Department. Members of the profession have
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without alcohol. It may be flattering to be spoken of
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an expert. Tiie most minute inspection of wounds inflicted
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the onset, and another may present no grave symptoms after a week's dur-
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fourteen counts taken from Nos. 33, 67, 68, 69, 70, 71 and 76 is
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sidered as established. Such at least is tbe opinion enter-
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axillary aneurism, by a few hours' pressure under chloroform, or of carotid
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