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in the Clinical Society's Transactions, 1893, ii. p. 114, pi. ii., and in
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girl was up to this time in good health. Afterwards a small hard tumour of the size of a pea
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sary early to use strychnin or nitroglycerin hypodermically.
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cortical motor areas. Collections of cases, such as those
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Gas. Water-gas in England, 265; the British parliamentary report
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of the mucous membrane of the air passages and little expectoration ;
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delstadt find in their series of 123 cases that the difference in favor of the
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sweats, during the time of keeping ; which method of
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may be the means of directing the attention of this
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again generalized and afterwards transformed into something-
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In answer to questions as to the history of the case, the
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the most pawerfal Influence (stitnulani) over the mnaculnr system, has beeB
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effectively preventing the access of oxygen to the deeper tissues.
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" The following anecdote is related of Dr. Morrison, with which he
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sometimes troublesome at the onset and may also occur in convalescence,
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Chilling of the body a cause of croupous pneumonia,
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through their localization and multiplication in the milk ducts are
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for the following reasons : The sand bath and heating in the digestion are believed
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maintain the very same kind of views ourselves where we are
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apex beat of the heart, however, were obtained from time to time,
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lawyer, James Bostwick, San Francisco, California, will
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our investigations into the medical, clerical, and legal profess-
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organized work. In some counties there yet remains the "go-
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1 The Journal of Comparative Medicine and Surgery, Vol. VII (1886), p. 244.
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12 or 3 cases of patients of very advanced age. When there is any ap-
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preparation of inedicines, or to the improving of metals, I was
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the divided muscles retracted with retractors, push portion of the